Wright Architectural Millwork
  • Rick Irish
  • Cad Manager – Wright Architectural Millworks
  • Northampton, MA

“Wright Architectural Millwork has been using woodCAD|CAM since early 2014. We have found this software to be very flexible and easily customized to our needs. Since integrating WCC into our system, we have been able to maintain our typical construction methods. The software integration between “Cut Rite,” our CNCs and our Beam Saws has been without a ‘hitch’, saving valuable hours.”

“At Wright Architectural Millwork, we put great pride into our high-quality shop drawings. We can maintain that standard while working with WCC software. A great time-saver is woodCAD|CAM ‘s ability to create sections and details from their models with ease and accuracy. This allows our shop personnel unique perspectives and views of complex projects that they are fabricating. Since the implementation of woodCAD|CAM errors have been drastically reduced and the valuable time in discussion & resolution of those problems have been eliminated. We also appreciate the ability to create custom “One-Off” products combined with typical library items; we find the options are endless!”

“In the past 20 years, I have used a several different programs similar to WCC. This is by far, my favorite.”

“We were one of the first companies in the United States to implement woodCAD|CAM in 2012. Implementation took only a few months to become completely operational, as we gradually phased out from our previous software. There has also been tremendous progress in the development of woodCAD|CAM since the involvement of RSA in the US market over the last year. The feature our engineers enjoy the most is the ease in the creation of custom products. It is so much easier with woodCAD|CAM. Our staff can create the custom products visually, without a lot of math, due to the set up not being a formula based system. We use the software both for our custom and standard products. Everything we produce, including office furniture, casework and store fixtures is done in woodCAD|CAM. We are very excited to see and implement all of the new features being offered in the latest release.”

nexis3 customer testimonial woodCAD|CAM
  • Steve Schoenacker
  • President of nexis3
  • Rochester, NY