AWFS Judges Decided…Now it is your Turn! Live Webcast Featuring woodCAD|CAM

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woodCAD|CAM Engineering and Manufacturing Software

The AWFS Judges Decided…Now it is your Turn!

See how the 2015 AWFS Visionary Award Winner for "Product Innovation & Productivity in Software" woodCAD|CAM can be used to design a "One Off" product that is full parametric. It will stretch or shrink, change material, change joinery, change hardware, and all of this is achieved with speed, accuracy and best of all NO FORMULAS! This seems impossible, but it does it.


Aug. 26, 2015 @ 1:00 CDT

woodCAD|CAM is the perfect solution for

Custom Cabinetry * Office Furniture & Residential Furniture * Commercial Casework * Store Fixtures * Garage and Storage Systems * Kitchen Cabinets * Closets * Architectural Millwork * Residential Cabinetry

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