AWFS Woodworking Tradeshow 2013 Review

AWFS-Tradeshow-SmallerSo it’s Monday and AWFS 2013 is now a memory … the question being, “How was it Ross?” Personally, I would give it a 90%, which qualifies as an “A” in any university. All those who attended that I had an opportunity to speak with felt the trade show floor was well worth the price of admission. As far as the educational side was concerned, most told me they felt their money was well invested there as well, with very few exceptions.

From my perspective, the three most important takeaways were; the show was well trafficked, the attendance exceeded everyone’s expectation and most importantly, suppliers were writing orders on the floor. While I would never want to diminish the importance of the educational side, the above three factors are far more telling.

We all know the west coast has lagged behind the rest of the country when it comes to the ‘recovery.’ Well, it would appear the healing has begun. In addition, it is evident that practitioners across the country have positive feelings about the future of the economy and how it will affect their business and are continuing to invest in the future of their businesses.

So now we’ll all have to see if the housing market will show some steady growth in the third and fourth quarters. All indicators seem to indicate that we will see a steady but slow uptick in that market and we proceed through the rest of the year … but only time will tell. The waters we’re traveling across are still uncharted. All eyes are on the FED and how what they do will effect interest rates which will have a direct bearing on all of us. I will continue to read, research and bring you the best-calculated opinion in my blog on, and as we continue through 2013 into 2014.

This was written by Ross Scovotti from