The most valuable asset your company posses is it’s data! Why…because it is the foundation of all good business decisions! As a leader within your organization, leveraging the value of this data is one of your biggest challenges.

Failure to connect data and manage it for ease of access, is a large and costly problem that many companies complain about but few really address.

“Your business will only function as good as your data.”

Join us for this first part of the our new Front Office Series: Data Management. We will be discussing over a series of webcasts the best “Front Office” practices for your business.

Expert and Author of “Love thy Data” Mick Peters, will be bringing light to this seemingly overwhelming topic during this one hour webcast.


October 15, 2014 @ 1:00 CDT

You Will Learn:

  • Hidden Costs of Islands of Information
  • Web Commerce Done Right
  • The Next Big Manufacturing Improvement – Complete Integration
  • ERP is the Foundation
  • You Choose the Best Specialized Tools
  • Integrate with Your Manufacturing Processes
  • Single Source of Truth

View our trailer for this up and coming webinar!

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