Mick Peters Book Signing

Mick Peter's Book Signing

Lamar, Missouri, March 10, 2015 ~ Roger Shaw & Associates

Are very proud to announce that Author Mick Peters will be conducting two book signings at the annual Executive Briefing Conference, which is in Atlanta this year. The first signing takes place prior to his 8:00 am presentation on Tuesday, April 14th, titled “ERP: The Right Thing, In the Right Place, At the Right Time.” With the second book signing to follow the presentation at 9:50 am EST, so plan to arrive early, to obtain your copy of Mick’s book with signature!

About the Executive Briefing Conference:

Since 2002, the EBC has become the premier venue for key manufacturers to network and explore new ways to succeed. By providing strategic and practical information that addresses manufacturing challenges, the EBC provides a forum to find out about new technologies and methods and discover opportunities in a non-commercial environment.

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