Post Inaugural Forefront Press Release

Leading Woodworking Engineers & Developers Gather At First Annual Forefront Conference
RSA Solutions hosted “Forefront: the leading software conference for woodCAD|CAM users” in Dallas, TX earlier this month.

LAMAR, MISSOURI – December 4, 2017 – On November 14 and 15, RSA Solutions hosted Forefront, the first annual woodCAD|CAM users conference. Software users from across the country attended the conference to learn about the new updated features in woodCAD|CAM 2018 and Cut Rite 10.0.

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Forefront gave attendees an opportunity to network and have one-on-one time speaking with software developers, while learning the latest best practices for woodworking technology.

“Forefront is a great platform for woodCAD|CAM users and developers to share knowledge with each other,” said Dr. Frank Prekwinkel, CEO of imos. “At Forefront 2017, we shared ideas and visions, and developed a common perspective for the future of the software.”

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Attendees were excited to learn about and discuss upcoming software feature upgrades, including Cut Rite’s new Stay Down Tooling for Nested Base Applications, and woodCAD|CAM‘s Clash Detection, Parametric Drawing Annotation, and visually stunning woodPlan.

“The social and collaboration aspects were my favorite part of Forefront,” said Eric Crane, Plant Manager at Clayton Fixture Company. “In this industry, companies tend to close off and not share information with each other, because we are competitors. But, at an event like Forefront, those walls are completely broken, and that’s a really cool thing.”

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Community building was a key focus of the conference. With aspects like an attendee dinner and small group time, Forefront opened up communication among software users

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“Forefront is an incredible opportunity for woodCAD|CAM users to come together and make their voices unified,” said Shawn Maberry, CEO of RSA Solutions. “It is a realistic way for them to make change, and to make sure that the technology they depend on for their businesses is going to continue to advance them into the future.”

For more information on Forefront, as well as woodCAD|CAM and other software solutions, visit RSA’s website at PDF version of this Press Release is available here.

About RSA Solutions: Founded in 1999, RSA Solutions, formerly known as Roger Shaw & Associates, has built a solid reputation for being the largest independent sales and marketing company in the woodworking industry. RSA Solutions has assembled world-class suppliers that are focused on their specific area of expertise. We take the "Big Picture Approach" as we assemble focused technology from all over the world to achieve the most efficient process known in the woodworking community. Not a single source of incomplete solutions, but a single source of top-shelf, well thought out solutions that are task specific.

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