Cyber Security Checkup
CheckUp Solution for Woodworkers

CHECKUP: a Cyber Security solution for the woodworking industry.

CHECKUP is the woodworking industry’s first cyber security service package for your network AND your hardware, offered exclusively by RSA Solutions.

With CHECKUP, you will be able to:

  1. STOP the rising threat of RANSOMWARE
  2. Research/assess risk in the Dark Web for your company domain
  3. Analyze computers and network deploying Fortune 500 technology that’s constantly updated to protect your company from ever-increasing, invading technologies
  4. Train your employees to deploy proper data hygiene

Your business relies on internal and external data. So, how do you protect it? Ransomware and compromised credentials are becoming more and more common, but the danger of these exposures goes beyond the individual.

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The threat to your business does not necessarily lie within the four walls of your business – all it takes is one employee to potentially give away the keys to your entire network.

9 ways employees add to data breach

Your employees are creating accounts on many different types of third-party websites. They’re using their work email addresses and often the same password, or same variation of a password, for these accounts. Once the third-party website is breached, cyber criminals are able to test passwords that they obtain on other, more dangerous websites.


As you build a cybersecurity framework for your organization, it’s important to think about the concept of “Zero Trust”.

You must go in with the assumption that everyone has been compromised and credentials have already been exposed. It isn’t about stopping or preventing the exposure but ensuring that you have visibility into cyber risk and controlling what you can control internally.

It is now mandatory for small to medium size businesses to adhere to state laws and regulations related to data protection.

So how do they do it?

  • Ransomware – When they gain access to your network and data, then require payment to get it back.
  • Phishing – When they send out emails or setup fake landing pages hoping to get your credentials. It is critical to train employees on how to spot a phishing email. This is done through simulations, security awareness training and ultimately, creating a culture of cybersecurity.

How Can I Protect My Business?

Data Protection Cyber Security for Woodworkers

Is your company already compromised?

Find out now and learn how CHECKUP can protect your woodworking manufacturing business from ransomeware, phishing scams and more.