EagleEye ERP Small shop data solution


EagleEyeERP: unsurpassed management software specifically designed for cabinet, fixture and closet manufacturing. If you use Cabinet Vision or any other commonly used cabinet engineering/design software, it’s time for you to learn about EagleEyeERP, a new software management system.

EagleEye ERP Small shop data solution
  • Specifically designed for your cabinet, fixture or closet business – not just adapted for it
  • Integrates all facets of your manufacturing processes into one comprehensive information system
  • Accessible by individuals across your entire organization – and with a simple shop interface that you can customize for any employee, regardless of skill level and knowledge, so that training needs are minimized
  • Covers every aspect of your woodworking manufacturing business, from sales and quotes to manufacturing, assembly, shipping, installation and accounting
  • Cloud-based, so it’s available wherever you are
  • Easy to setup, easy to use and only requires minimal training
  • Affordable, with no long-term contracts required – you can cancel at any time

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Eagle Eye ERP Brochure


We know how hard it can be when there’s too much information displayed on a screen. The simplified shop interface allows shop floor employees to quickly identify what task to start, where their next responsibility is, and when it was made available to them. Management can select which specific operations are available per employee, merging across departments, or they can access departments they are qualified in as they move from position to position.

Keep Staff in Sync - Estimating for the woodworking industry


Knowing what your team is working on and what is pending is a priority. Keeping track of your team and what current operations are being processed is vital to any production team.


With the “Workcenter” report, you have up-to-date, real-time information on what your team is working on as well as what is pending and what has been completed. You can also see what’s currently in progress and how long an employee has been working on any task.


EagleEye ERP manages material with controls for costs, units of measure, vendor preferences, quantity, sheet sizes, stock re-order points and min-max stock triggers. With EagleEye ERP, the real difference is what it does with that information. The system not only sends data to the most popular engineering, nesting and optimization programs, but it also retrieves data results from those programs for accurate purchasing and part management through to the cabinet shop floor.

EagleEye ERP - Inventory

Material management is far more than just ordering materials: EagleEye gets the right materials, from the right vendor, delivered on the right date. When the production or delivery dates need to change – and these dates almost always change – EagleEye does the work. The system modifies order dates, notifies vendors of the new required material delivery dates, and provides updates for the work cells. Order just in time, pull from stock or use a combination. EagleEye keeps a close EYE on your materials.

Use the built-in EagleEye Inventory/Purchasing system or integrate into your accounting system when required. Either way, EagleEye manages the data in real time, sends alerts and updates the correct staff and companies so production runs as smoothly as possible.


Accessing individual reports or history has never been easier. The EagleEye workcenter provides a real-time snapshot of what employees are working on what tasks. You can view recent history of the completed tasks, who completed them and when they were completed.

Timecard Reporting

You can view employee timecard reports directly within the system.

Tracking Sales Leads

View and work with sales leads see their status, archive leads that have been completed, and create a curated report based on what you need now.

EagleEye ERP - In Depth Reporting

EagleEye ERP Custom Reports Scheduling


Sales leads are no longer lost due to inability to keep track of them. With one single report you can see all sales leads and filter it down to exactly what you want, when you want it. You can follow up on a lead directly, log notes and verify that every step has been completed from a single page.

Custom Reporting EagleEye ERP


Custom reports built by you, for you. Reports customized
directly in the reporting tool allow management, supervisors and staff to review performance.

Estimating for woodworking form-based entry system


Personalize and curate unique user accounts. A variety of user levels are provided allowing complete control over information within the system. Each user can be granted access to modules or unique views, based on their role within the company.

EagleEye ERP Reporting - Timecard Sales Leads

EagleEye ERP

Easy to use whether in a small or large scale environment. No matter the size of your cabinet or closet business, information is organized and easy to access. Every step is available from the very first customer contact to the final invoice.

  • Managed Production: whether cutting by hand or nesting
  • Simple, Integrated & Automated
  • Online Access: wired or wireless
  • Dealer/Customer Portal – module available
  • Manage Your Company: no IT professional required


Hosted in the cloud, EagleEyeERP is available anywhere and everywhere you can access the internet.
EagleEyeERP allows you to access and work using any device that fits your work-style. Available as touchscreen for PC, MAC and Tablet (8” screen or larger). EagleEyeERP was designed to be always-on and always ready for production with zero downtime. Most features are also available on mobile phones.

EagleEye ERP Reporting - Timecard Sales Leads
EagleEye ERP Reporting - Timecard Sales Leads