Fund Workforce Development

Fund workforce development and retention with state and federal grants.

Training is a key factor in how your workforce grows and develops. It also empowers and encourages your employees to take pride and ownership in the work they perform for your company. Companies who invest in their workforce experience a decrease in personnel turnover and are better able to compete in the marketplace. Training directly impacts the quality of the product, improves efficiency of the production process, reduces downtime and extends the life of your machinery.

Use our grant library to find workforce development and retention funding

Stiles University has developed the grant library for workforce development and retention funding to help you find grant funding to pay for employee training at no cost. Through state and federal grants, many states and counties are awarded funding dedicated to workforce training and retention of employees. Our library provides direct contact information for agencies and funding sites. We’ll also provide the IACET certification documents and course descriptions that may be required by the funding agency. Upon course completion, Stiles University will provide each student with transcripts and certificates.

Funding may cover:

  • industrial expansions, workforce hiring and training
  • full student tuition or a matching percentage/li>
  • additional expenses such as travel and meals

Let us help you find grant funding!

Fund Workforce Development Map

States shaded indicate where funding has been available. If your state isn’t shaded, we’d be glad to research available funding sources for you. Please call 616.698.7500 ext. 1241 or email us to find out about grant workforce training funds in your area.

Stiles University will be able to provide machine-specific training through our regularly scheduled sessions at our regional training facilities or at your manufacturing site. Training is available for programming, operation, maintenance, and electrical diagnostics.