MMR Machine Monitoring and Reporting


Track machine tool up-time and production data

MMR – Systematic, Transparent and Comprehensive

Manufacturing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are indispensable for achieving efficient and sustainable production. KPIs provide information about the current condition of the manufacturing unit in terms of performance and effectiveness.

MMR (Machine Monitoring and Reporting) – helps determine machine times and machine conditions, historicizes data and uses standardized KPIs to provide the perfect basis for decision-making and optimization.

  • Systematical measurement of time and machine states
  • Creates standardized KPI‘s per Machine
  • Saves data for long term evaluation
  • Displays optimization potential for every machine
  • Provides analysis of machine problems
Machine Monitoring and Reporting - KPIs


MMR Benefits More Transparency

More transparency:You always have an overview of the current level of production

MMR Benefit Comprehensive

Comparing machines and shifts allows you to optimally utilize production equipment

MMR Benefit Identifying Potential

Identifying potential:
Increase productivity and output quantity (e.g. too long downtimes for maintenance)

MMR Benefit Optimum Basis of Desision Making - KPIs

Optimal decision-making:
Production KPIs are used on a comprehensive, production-wide basis for decision-making


MMR systematically collects and records production data directly off the machine. The operator can then complement this data with additional information. This saves precious time, helps avoid measurement errors and lets you focus on more essential tasks.

With MMR, you always have your KPIs under control. Systematic data recording and decision-oriented visualization of the machine conditions and KPIs allow you to optimize on a comprehensive, production-wide basis.


Production data and machine conditions are recorded automatically and saved directly in the MMR database. For example, the number of produced work pieces, machine operating time, running meters of trimmed edges, number of cuts and cycles and maintenance information are recorded as day counters and absolute counters.


In addition to the functions of MMR Basic, it is possible for the operator to manually add additional information. This improves data quality, because machine conditions are explained, shifts/daily production outputs are recorded and named, KPIs and machine conditions are evaluated and fault messages are analyzed.


MMR Office is software with different report types for the decision-oriented visualization of KPIs and conditions. It enables you to evaluate and transparently analyze data. By saving all data centrally in the MMR database, additional KPIs, such as utilization ratio, OEE, etc., can be generated.

MMR Versions

MMR Machine Monitoring and Reporting


Transparent and Comprehensive

Identify optimization potential in manufacturing and increase productivity and output with MMR, which gives you a variety of evaluation options. You can compare machines or entire shifts, detect excessively long downtimes and maintenance times and create a basis for decision-making, e.g. for procuring new machines based on machine utilization. All of this happens transparently and comprehensively.

MMR Key Performance Indicators


All relevant machine data at a glance: This helps you keep track of manufacturing. The line overview, which shows the development of all machine conditions and main KPIs, allows you to easily and systematically compare several machines.


Having the latest condition displayed as well as the general KPIs and performance data of each individual machine allows the operator to easily monitor and rate the machine based on customer-specific target limits.

MMR Performance Monitoring

MMR Interval Comparison


A machine can be monitored and rated over a defined period of time, such as by shift, day or week.


The diagnosis of maintenance and malfunctions helps you to minimize idle time and uncover sources of error. A detailed malfunction report is created for each machine or machine component.

MMR Malfunctions analysis

MMR Uncover potential for optimization


The Gantt chart is helpful for uncovering potential for optimization. The different colored statuses allow you to identify idle times quickly so that you can optimize use of the machine.


  MMR Office Lite MMR Office
Database server needed No Yes
Connected machines at the same time 1 20
Machines in line overview 1 20
Data storage 30 Days 2 Years
Demo data Yes Yes
Offline data analysis No (Machine Has to be switched on) Yes
Schuler MDE available No Yes