Custom Programming

Custom Programing

Custom applications manipulating data for an individual company requirement is available. These services are typically required to accommodate unique circumstances that demand data manipulation external to the ERP and Engineering technology deployed.

The goal of all companies preparing for Industry 4.0 is to not have any islands of information. Most of these islands are spreadsheets. Linking this data into ERP systems or getting data from ERP in a specific format are typical requests.

Connecting software systems with intermediate solutions that enable connections to other software solutions is another service available.

CNC Integration


Stage ONE: Setting up engineering software (woodCAD|CAM) with the machine tool configurations. Each tool has its own unique parameters which cover how it is deployed in the specific factory environment. These parameters are entered into the engineering SQL database to enable proper generation of tool instructions.

Stage TWO: Each tool has a post which is the connection outside of the engineering software that is sent to the CNC machine tool.

Stage THREE: Coming on site to physically tweak and test the data flow from the engineering tool to the CNC machine tool is mandatory. This process assures the proper deployment of the technology. This investment typically uncovers incomplete functionality which is corrected by expensive manual non automated processes.

The integration process of the system is separate from the training of generating drawings, one off engineering, and field adjustment deployments.

Training Services

Training Services

Training is focused on actually using the software. The focus is on the user interface, establishing use of training materials, and preparation for pre-defined go live goals. Training is a combination of on line sessions coupled with on site training and then additional follow up with more on line training.

Documentation such as training tutorials and You Tube training videos are deployed for gaining familiarity with the software user interface.

Each customer has a unique demand for utilization of the technology being purchased. After the fundamentals have been deployed and understood, more specific needs are addressed.

One on One training takes place via on line sessions of 2 or 3 hours and on site sessions of 3-5 days. Advanced sessions are available as users mature and wish to do more with the technology.

Recommended Course Paths Follow course paths through your continuing education.

We offer many different continuing education courses. To help you easily determine what courses best fit your needs, we’ve provided course paths, organized by machine type and job function.

Courses should be taken in the order suggested. You’ll find a full description of each course available, along with scheduled course dates, by clicking on the desired course number. If there’s a course you’d like that isn’t listed, or if you have questions, contact RSA Solutions.

Course Paths:

  1. (1) AutoCAD for wood workers: 2D submittals, Template Configurations, 73 AutoCAD Commands (when, why, and where), What the Architect is looking for
  2. Advanced article design for “One Offs” How to maximize the use of WoodCAD|CAM
  3. Advanced “Object Designer” Use WoodCAD|CAM for design of reception desks that are completely custom one offs accommodating your clients imagination.
  4. Data entry and process management Visibility
  5. Report Configuration for WoodCAD|CAM
  6. Data building for Catalog marketing and automated configure to order with limitations defined by using specific variable ranges.

Custom Reports


ERP: We include all custom reports in the standard Visibility system. If your business needs a report beyond what is included in the package we can build this report for you. Typically with the Business Intelligence more reports are supplied then are used.

Engineering/Production: You have access to the SQL database and you can build your own custom reports. This requires knowledge of the Microsoft report writer technology. Most companies prefer to submit what their report need is and our team can develop it. Each report is custom and is fix price quoted. Unique label designs are also considered to be a report.

Consulting Services


Our team of consultants are production process engineers. We specialize on discovery of process opportunity enhancements that cut costs and increase profits. We interact at the C level of the organization and seek to understand problems and road blocks blocking transformation. The art of doing more with less is a transformation goal as companies experience the journey of Industry 4.0.

Knowing the details and complexities of transformation is a great method to avoid the horrible experience of integrating a solution that will not satisfy all of your requirements. Our consultants are prepared to explore your options and sort out the plusses and voids.

Preparation for transformation is a very important element in designing a business plan. No company can expect to survive without transformation. Understanding the social and economic changes causing the need is as important as executing the changes. This data is the basis for our teams consulting services.

Re-Usable Parametric DATA


Data Building ERP: Working on a “Go Live” strategy for ERP products that are focused on ETO and BTO segments of manufacturing require data setup and uploads of existing data from current systems deployed. Our clients give us very high ratings for on time and under budget performances. From setting up General Ledgers to your specifications to building inventory, routing processes, work cell, and BTO configuration data. Each project (Company) has a specific demand for resources and these are calculated before deployment is purchased

Data Building Engineering ETO: Design of reusable parametric engineering data is the key to establishing great reductions in engineering resources needed. Establishment of typical materials used in production and building links to on line external suppliers (hardware, panels, extrusions, etc.) saves time. Having parametric solid modeling data which is generated by an SQL database with nested variables being reflected in the BOM and the 2D and 3D drawings makes for a large reduction in resources needed to complete complex one off engineering projects. Getting the repetitive reusable parametric data set up in advance amplifies the ROI of the engineering investment.

Data Building BTO: Establish the products you want to sell as configurable based on predefined variables and the options associated with the variables. This data can be used for on line configurations with external design programs or simply order entry web site portals that reflect the results of the changes in the variables graphically. Pricing can be associated with the parametric designs. If the data is not going to be used for “Order entry” it can be set up for unlimited variable usage and deployed 100% custom to meet the entire bandwidth of your customer demands. This data can be used internally and externally in a web portal.

Data Building Web Site order processing ETO: Data can be built to be deployed graphically by the client via local design functionality. In effect the woodworking factory can supply its distribution channels a design tool for layouts in 3D that can generate customer submittals, pricing, room designs, and when approved the sale can automatically become a sales order and work order with no data entry relative to design, quotation, engineering, etc. Everything gets inspected and loaded into ERP System and processed.

Drafting Services:


Using WoodCAD|CAM technology services are available to engineer special “one offs”, shop drawings, and submittals. Specific construction principles supplied by the client are deployed and reflected in the 3D and 2D drawings. Client Templates are also integrated into the documents. Each project is quoted at a fixed price based on an hourly basis.

This service is used as companies integrate advanced engineering systems and are navigating learning curves which take up drafting resources.

In certain areas of North America the availability of well-prepared technical draftsmen is very limited. Clients who have deployed woodCAD|CAM can sub contract drafting needs and at the same time take advantage of getting BOM data as well as machine tool code.