Webcast: iX 2019 President of Nexis3 shares company’s experience.

Today's webcast is going to highlight some of the great features of iX 2019 (woodCAD|CAM) woodworking manufacturing software. Its a very deep program based in AutoCAD. Today we are going to focus in on some important features, we've been in this industry a long time. We've heard similar things coming from customers for a great amount of time, for example one great need to able to speed up the engineering process, specifically when it comes to be able to do architectural submittals but we need very high quality, detailed annotated drawings but we need them to be able to happen incredible fast.

One of the items I want you to see is the ability to manage items coming from a library, draw walls, place cabinets get all the dimensions, annotations setup the way you want and expect them to be with a lot of controls.

Today we will also demonstrate taking the data and pushing it into CutRite. CutRite is one of the worlds leading technologies for optimization to a panel saw or true shape nesting out to nested based routers.

Also, we will spend so time today there is software that does OK as long as you are pulling and drawing from a pre-configured library. But a lot of our customers are custom in nature, job-shops, were they really need to create items on the fly, for example custom cabinetry & fixtures, that wouldn't reside in a library. How we can build those custom elements and how we can even give them intelligence and logic so they might even be parametric in fashion, with the ability to grow or shrink.

And we will end with an area that has been trouble some for many companies trying to build monumental items, i.e nurse's stations, cash wraps, custom die wall applications where you really don't need to be working from some pre-configured, but building from something 100% completely on the fly.

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