woodCAD|CAM Design Manufacturing Software Pays Off Big for Wright Architectural Millwork Corp.

Today’s woodworking market not only expects tailored designs, but top quality and rapid production speeds. To remain competitive, woodworking manufacturers must meet these demands. In order to accomplish this, manufacturers must leverage modern software solutions that provide integrated and continuous support, beginning with the planning and design process all the way through the end of production—and woodCAD|CAM technology is the perfect software solution for today’s modern woodworking manufacturer.

woodCAD|CAM is a powerful, flexible, and highly intelligent AutoCAD-based woodworking software system. Manufacturers with a high range of variation or customization within their product offerings can use this technology to simplify their processes, including efficient and parametric design as well as the generation of part lists and CNC programs. One unique feature of this software is that it uses actual manufacturing data to create 2D and 3D AutoCAD drawings, and these detailed drawings contain all necessary information for the manufacturing processes. With this technology, the data generates the drawings, which reduces the amount of time and money spent on engineering resources, and eliminates the errors typically associated with “one-offs”; thus increasing profits. woodCAD|CAM is customized to the specific needs of each user and is ideal for architectural millwork, commercial and residential casework, kitchen cabinets, fixtures and displays, and closet storage.

To get an insider’s look at how this manufacturing software can actually impact a manufacturer’s business, Roger Shaw, of RSA Solutions spoke with his customer Rick Irish, Engineer Director at Wright Architectural Millwork. Rick deployed the woodCAD|CAM software approximately one year ago, along with the CutRite material optimization software, and he feels this new technology is greatly “paying off for his team”. “…this technology gives me all of the flexibility I need to satisfy the complex demands of our clients. This is very significant because I get the output I need and am not a slave to complex formulas or an extremely complicated library laced with page-long formulas,” explained Rick.

Since the deployment of this new technology, Rick has also noticed that production errors have simply disappeared. All of the panicked conversations with production floor staff are gone. All of the wasted time of interrupting work on a current job to address issues on something completed weeks ago… is gone. Hardware is no longer in the wrong location, no more incorrect part sizes or missing parts, no more edge-banding color mistakes, etc….it’s all gone. The software is so detailed that all the hardware, joinery, edge treatments, elevations, floor plans, and sectionals are generated by the model drawing, therefore any errors are caught well before they are submitted for production. Not only that, but all the data required for reports, labels, cut lists, g-codes, material requirements, and management data is built as the drawing is being created. “When you consider the data generated, we are significantly better off and more profitable with this technical deployment.” Rick stated. “Some of my staff are now generating complicated one-offs with this. Curved reception counters, complex fixtures, multiple materials with metals, glass and plastics are simple no problem at all.” Since the deployment of this new technology, Rick has also noticed that production errors have disappeared.