Fetzers On-Screen Takeoff Testimonial

We are with Doug Durant with Fetzer's Architectural Millwork, he is the estimation manager with Fetzer's and they have been using OnScreen Takeoff for their estimations.

Roger Shaw & Associates asked a few questions on how they are using OnScreen Takeoff for woodworking and what it has done for them as a company.

How long have you had OnScreen Takeoff for woodworking and how has it changed the way you do business?
"We have been using OnScreen Takeoff for about two & half years, its made a significant difference in our estimating department. We have actually been able to take the program and we've gone totally paperless with our estimating systems. We know longer print plans, everything we do, in our estimating department is done fully computerized. We take the plans and import them in to OnScreen Takeoff right from the start. We able to do a complete takeoff on all our millwork items, we've got our conditions pre-defined and pre-named so its a very smooth process for us now, we are excited for what OnScreen Takeoff has done for us as a company."

You are integrating OnScreen Takeoff for woodworking now, do you have plans to take OnScreen Takeoff any further than what you are doing now. Is it going to a part of your business going forward, and what do you plan to do with the software?
"We definitely plan on using OnScreen Takeoff and improving the way we use OnScreen Takeoff in our business. Its in our plans in the future to not just do our Takesoffs, with OnScreen Takeoff but were going to be integrating with our pricing process were it will flow from takeoff through pricing, integrating it within the rest of our business systems as well."

Do you see yourself with out OnScreen Takeoff Software?
"Not at all, at this point we definitely don't want to go backwards, its been such a great program for us, not only has it improved our speed of takeoff so that were getting more takeoff completed in the same amount of time. Its also taken us to cost saving measures, just to the fact we are no longer having to print plans. Its definitely been an improvement and a cost saving program for us as well as improved our efficiency. Its definitely here to stay."