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Connect, Optimize, Track, Synchronize and Control Your Production Activities

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Planning Assistant stay on top of every single deadline.

projetc ai CRM Solution

Robust CRM and opportunity management makes even complicated projects easily manageable and visible across the organization.

More than just software, RSA offers business services to help manufacturers become more efficient and profitable regardless of their current software and machinery.

We are here to help you determine how to operate your business more profitably and with less stress. Learn about proven solutions to help you with challenges related to; personnel, materials, deadlines, schedules, communications, etc. RSA Solutions will provide you with expert business services and technology to put you solidly on the road to lean and profitable operations.


Estimate every job, accurately and quickly!
Everything you need for quotes - in one, simple spreadsheet.


With ESTIMATOR, you can create complex quotes in seconds. Generate faster, more accurate costs. ESTIMATOR calculates complex pricing strategies using your takeoff data.


 With a central data source for Project Management, all client information is easily accessible by all team members.


Proj-etc can help your team manage, track and deliver projects on-time on-budget. Robust CRM and opportunity management makes even complicated projects easily manageable and visible across the organization.



Manage factory capacity and projects with Planning Assistant

Planning Assistant

Manage your shop's production capacity, stay on top of every single deadline and collaborate with your team. Create workflows according to the complexity of your projects. Inform team members of deadlines and share important documents.



Make better decisions with your data; monitor, analyze, and control shop floor processes from a centralized location.

Production Coach

Track every component in real-time. A single bar-code scan organizes parts by assembly and provides feedback for missing items. Ensure 100% accurate shipments, 100% of the time.


Purchase, receive, transfer location, move to WIP, and manage materials with Planity.


Complete oversite of your inventory and purchasing. Connects with engineering, accounting and production management + others to give real-time results of your entire production process.

About RSA Solutions

Welcome to RSA Solutions, where we understand that tackling business challenges can feel like eating an elephant – overwhelming. In response, we've adopted a Modular Approach to empower our clients in swiftly addressing real-world issues and removing growth and profitability constraints.

Unlike cumbersome systems that demand months or even years for implementation, we offer a refreshing One Bite At A Time approach. This allows clients to achieve fast return on investment through easily implementable software solutions. At RSA Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping clients navigate their next goals efficiently and solving problems quickly.

Our commitment to seamless integration ensures that no matter where you begin, all our solutions harmonize effortlessly. This means you can concentrate on addressing your most critical needs without the concern of whether the next piece of the puzzle will fit in smoothly. Choose RSA Solutions for a modular, efficient, and worry-free approach to technology solutions.

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Customer Testimonial

Former President of AWI Discusses Production Coach Integration. Read more about Greg's move to Production Coach and how it has streamlined his workflow.


One heavily impacted group that is often overlooked is that of self-employed professionals and sole proprietorships. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting shutdowns and government orders, limited their income opportunities with equal severity.

Self Employed Tax Credits

You’ll be happy to know that there is a government relief program specific to your needs that is still available to be claimed right now, and it is called the Qualified Sick & Family Paid Leave Wage Credit. 


Reduce Your FICA Spend and Increase Your Employees Pay

Payless FICA

Reduce Your FICA Spend - On average employers will save $700 - $800 per employee they have on payroll.

Increase Your Employees Pay - Employees will see an extra 4% - 6% on their pay checks!


Need help with non-collateralized operating Loans

Financing & Banking

Equipment and software leasing, operating loans. Financing solutions can help you manage your business cashflow needs while helping you grow your business.