Webcast Onscreen Takeoff Estimating Bidding Software

This recorded webcast featuring OnScreen Takeoff by OnCenter Software. OnScreen Takeoff estimating and bidding software allows you to move from manual printed plans, scales and markers and moves to the digital era were we can, onscreen and on your computer, work electronically. To be able to mark up, count and calculate all the conditions that might be in a project.

One of the great features of OnScreen Takeoff that our customers tell once they get use to the technology, they are able to bid about 3 times the amount of work than they did previously. That is a important feature, its very common to be many bids for each job thats awarded. So when we are spending 90% of our time working on projects we are not going to get, we want to make sure we are as efficient as possible.

OnScreen also has a great feature in allowing you to view very precisely what it is you have taken-off. This is not only great for being able to share downstream with engineering of the job if awarded it makes it very plan and visible to the person doing takeoff if indeed they've counted correctly all of the items they need to for a project.

Another great feature of OnScreen Takeoff is the ability to communicate the output to other systems. In today's webcast will take a look at couple of methods of taking condition count calculations and being able to push those into some form of any estimation tool, whether those are spread-sheets, or programs OnScreen makes it very easy to being able to communicate.

OnScreen Takeoff can be utilized across a vast number of construction related industries. Find out more about OnScreen Takeoff