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Lutz Woodworks of Wylie, TX, is reaping multiple rewards from its investment in Production Coach, an IWF 2018 Challengers Award-winning production management software from RSA Solutions.

Within the first couple of weeks of implementing Production Coach and using its Smart labeling system, Greg Lutz, president of Lutz Woodworks, says he saw noticeable gains in operational efficiency from component manufacturing and assembly through shipping and job-site installation. Those improvements became even more pronounced in the weeks and months that followed.

“I’d say products are moving 30 percent quicker through the shop because of Production Coach’s ability to organize our part production,” Lutz says. “We actually have one less employee in the shop than when we implemented Production Coach. After he left, we did not replace him and we’re still building quicker.”

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Production Coach utilizes a centralized SQL database connecting both office and factory to real-time data. Web applications such as Jobsite Tracking and Timekeeping are synchronized with the Local Area Network environment.

Production Coach is modular in nature meaning that you can do as little or as much as you want with it. Successful deployment in your factory can be accomplished in days, not weeks or months.

Production Coach – Proven Results

Our clients observed and confirmed numerous gains and improvements as early as the week following Production Coach implementation.

Production Coach Icon Assembly
Significant improvements in Assembly Time resulting in a measurable and considerable daily production increase.
Production Coach Icon Sorting
Reduction by more than 80% of time spent searching for components and gather materials through the factory floor.
Production Coach Icon Sorting
Complete visibility and control on damaged parts identification and important optimization of time to put parts back in production.
Production Coach Icon Shipping
Considerable decrease of missing items in delivery, optimization of truck loading and noticeable decrease of Service Calls.

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