Planity - Inventory and Purchasing for Woodworking Industry


Integrated with all popular CAD/CAM solutions, Planity enables your business to take control of purchasing and inventory perfectly synchronized with QuickBooks Enterprise.

With Planity, purchasing, allocations, receiving, location management, WIP and checkout / flush are easily managed in real time.

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Item Planning Configuration

Inventory Manually

Authentication Permissions


Configurable UI

Configurable Grids

Cycle Counting

Document Management Cloud Enabled

Hierarchical Project Management

Import Engineering BOM

Integration With Engineering systems

Inventory Transaction Tracking

Item Configuration and Management

Item Purchase Tracking

Item Transaction Tracking

Location Management

Receive Purchase Orders and Unplanned Items

Relieve inventory

Search Items for Inventory

System Generated Purchase Order Suggestion

Work Order Task Management

Transfer Inventory Between Locations

Webcast – Introduction To Planity

Planity – Engineering Integration

Planity – Engineering Integration

Planity Shop Floor Functions

Planity: Push Purchase To Quickbooks


Planity Customer Bell
Planity Customer Envoy Cabinetry
Planity Customer Innovation Cabinetry
Planity Customer Linsdey Doors