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“One of our most important goals with Production Coach was to eliminate the waste of paperwork on our production floor..."

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Ridge Crest Turns Inefficiency Into Profits

Brian Boggs of Ridge Crest spoke with Shawn Maberry CEO of RSA Solutions during our recent webcast. Brian talked about inefficiencies they were experiencing before Production Coach and what Production Coach has allowed them to accomplish. Here is a small excerpt of Brian’s testimonial, please use the link below to hear their entire success story.

“When evaluating a software solution, we had a large wish list of items the software needed to solve. For every one of these items, we had already developed a digital or analog system. None of these systems were using a central database, they were not integrated or accessible company-wide, we were not taking full advantage of them or the data they created, and along with wasting valuable time maintaining them.

Over the years we have either used or evaluated every industry software available. We believe Production Coach offers the best solution currently on the market, and it has helped us streamline our existing processes in all of the ways we needed it to.

A major factor in our evaluation was Production Coach’s ability to get all of our data collected easier, and stored in one location, so we could access and use it in real-time. Which has allowed us to drastically cut down on time spent looking for information, and to automate many of the paper-driven processes we all encounter in cabinet manufacturing. Just the automation of part re-cuts and defect tracking has reduced the number of back-orders we encounter and must remedy.

One of our most important goals with Production Coach was to eliminate the waste of paperwork on our production floor. We currently produce about 20 kitchens a day, and each department needs a paper packet for each job, we estimate we were printing over 2000 sheets per day. With Production Coach, we have virtually eliminated all of that paperwork, which has drastically reduced the amount of time our employees spend looking for paperwork, checking off lists, and trying to find parts.

We have utilized the system’s ability to attach reports directly to the jobs to give all employees access to all needed job information in real-time, wherever they happen to be. They can scan any part and know where it should be in the production process. Amazingly, this happens automatically as your employees work and access the info they need to build a job, no extra time or data collection is required. Once you properly implement the software, the system takes care of the rest.”

Brian’s Full Testimonial