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Takeoff and Bid Estimating

Dovetailing Takeoff and Profitability on center software and RSA Solutions join forces to give the woodworking industry comprehensive solutions for quantity takeoff and bid estimating

According to Shawn Maberry, CEO, RSA Solutions (Lamar, Missouri), software solutions that ‘think’ like the woodworking industry are essential to custom work prevalent in this trade. Custom woodworking automation often drives the entire manufacturing process including estimation, design, engineering, manufacturing, and CNC machine tools right through scheduling and tracking. This is why the integration between On-Screen Takeoff® and engineering & design software provides such value

Automation for Woodworking

The construction industry is well populated by software that meets only a portion of the user’s workflow needs. This couldn’t be more true than in the woodworking industry. RSA Solutions prides itself on the strong relationships it has established within the woodworking industry. RSA Solutions extended that commitment by seeking out automation solutions specific for the woodworking trade. These solutions address the unique aspects of woodworking software including cabinet, cabinetry, kitchen, cutlisting, design, CNC, carving, engraving,nesting, g-code, field verification, and fi eld dimensions. Additionally, RSA Solutions carried that commitment over into the automation of business management, takeoff, and estimating. “We recognized early that RSA Solutions needed to provide solutions that helped our customers win projects and that meant finding the best quantity takeoff solution for woodworking available,” says Maberry. Woodworking software must focus on a contractor’s specific business needs and not the latest technological buzz. The workflow of automation must square nicely with the workflow of woodworking professionals. Takeoff automation must be intuitive to the user’s day-to-day processes. While most solutions only meet about 70-80% of the trades’ workflow needs, On-Screen Takeoff allows companies to leverage the last 20-30% of their investment because it is a solution that thinks like a contractor.

The ability to accurately and rapidly perform takeoffs for custom work saves time, improves accuracy, and reduces the risks of exceeding budget. The woodworking estimator becomes more efficient and effective when the integration is taken to the next level by incorporating digital takeoff and addendum updates into the estimating process. The ability to recognize last minute change requests and prepare additions and deletions on the plans for inclusion into the estimating process ensures a bid proposal that will be profitable for the woodworking company and generate satisfied customers.

Profitability for Woodworking

The integration of On-Screen Takeoff with other solutions from RSA Solutions has been generally available since 2009. Maberry characterizes customer feedback as extremely positive. It is often noted by customers that a solution provider whose focus is on the woodworking industry makes them feel confident in their step toward automation. In fact, some have said that with On-Screen Takeoff from RSA Solutions, they went from the stone-age to the technology-age literally saving them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work—giving estimators back over 50% of their time to process net
new projects.

Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork, (Manhattan,Kansas), is a custom woodworking company. Kent Swinson, Co-Owner, likes the following about the programs:

  • The ability to submit a bid given either a rough scope of work or one that is detailed out
  • The ease of mapping woodworking condition quantities to the correct estimate items
  • The overlay capability to identify changes before construction begins
  • The ability to share information across the complete offering from RSA Solutions

The integration between On-Screen Takeoff and other RSA solutions allows users to see the changes and update the estimate with those changes. For estimators, this means submitting an
accurate and up-to-date estimate every time.

EAngelo Castelli, Vice-President at On Center Software (The Woodlands, Texas), notes that the changing nature of today’s construction market has placed enormous pressure on contractors and
the typical business model. Forced to dig deeper and work harder to find the right jobs to bid, the last thing a contractor should worry about is how well their automation solutions match their
trade specific needs throughout the process.

Dovetailing Takeoff and Profitability


As a technology provider, On Center Software has a responsibility to the contractor to ensure technology is not simply another business tool, but rather a differentiator in the new world of construction. In many ways, this responsibility goes well beyond simply providing a core set of products and top-notch service and support. It also encompasses the way in which such products interact with other disciplines within a company.

“We take pride in our ability to partner with a leading woodworking automation provider, RSA Solutions. Working together we deliver seamless integration,” indicates Castelli. On Center Software and RSA Solutions are committed to quality that encompasses the integration of solutions, customer support, and training into a customer’s full lifecycle experience. The success of our customers is the very business of On Center Software and its partners.

Customer Enablement

On Center Software believes training directly impacts the bottom line of customers and as a result has worked with partners to develop a matrix approach to training. It is essential that when customers invest in solutions there is a way to immediately make each and every employee productive. On Center Software and RSA Solutions provide multiple delivery models for easy learning of the curriculum.

  • Stage 1 is Self-Guided videos and self-help guides completed at the trainees own pace
  • Stage 2 is Instructor-Led group webinars with attendees from multiple companies covering focused topics
  • Stage 3 is One-on-One webinar sessions covering content specific to the trainees needs
  • Stage 4 is Instructor-Led In-Person training with attendees from multiple companies covering in-depth preset agenda
  • Stage 5 is Customized content where one or more persons from the same company receive software training unique to their job or trade specific needs

Customers typically leverage only 30-40% of software’s performance abilities. Training eliminates the hidden waste by getting more from takeoff and estimating solutions. On Center Software and RSA Solutions work alongside customers to turn accurate quantity takeoffs into winning bids and profitable

Case Study – Timberline Millwork & OnScreen Takeoff For Woodworking

Timberline OST Testimonal

Timberline Logo

Founded 13 years ago by Kent Swinson and Tim White, Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork (TCM) sought to be the number one provider of custom woodworking in the greater Manhattan, Kansas area. While the company first opened their doors in an old Greyhound bus terminal, they have steadily grown the business. A major factor in advancing the company was identifying a way to perform the highest quality work at a fair market value. Automating elements of the woodworking process such as quantity takeoff and estimating allows TCM to accurately and timely manage the ongoing change requests that typically accompany projects such as high-end residential and commercial health care facility. With a client base that provides 75% repeat business,trust and quality are essential DNA components for Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork.

Medical Projects

In woodworking, Healthcare projects tend to be those that have very precise expectations and scopes of work. With the Tindall Orthodontics project, TCM was contacted by the owner to provide a bid based upon a rough set of plans that were being prepared. The Tindall’s owner wanted to find a partner for the construction process. He knew what he wanted, at least in his minds-eye, but needed a woodworking fi rm that he could trust to deliver within budget and on time. TCM reviewed the plans and recognized that the project was exactly the type in which TCM would excel. The project was ornate to say the least for a doctor’s office—in fact, it could be said that this is the most exquisite ‘home’ TCM has done to date.

Bypassing Challenges

There were woodworking challenges throughout the project—angles and curves were found on almost every piece of custom work. Tindall Orthodontics was intimately involved in the project every step of the way. Because of the automation components used across the project, TCM was able to provide exactly what the customer wanted. During the design phase, TCM was able to provide costing scenarios as each suggestion or change order was presented. This could not have been done without takeoff and estimating technology. The resulting time savings allowed TCM to leverage other automation engineering & design software for the design and production and the laser templates from RSA Solutions and CNC automation.
TCM’s unique value proposition is its ability to sit with customers to understand their desire, draft out the detail, create a plan, budget and timeframe that meets all of the clients’ expectations. Keys to the success of TCM’s projects include continual communication, ability to respond to changes on the fly, and high quality work.

Technology Success

The solutions provided by On Center Software and RSA Solutions have enabled TCM to quadruple the amount of work they are able to deliver without sacrificing quality. Just as TCM partners with its customers to drive success and meet their needs, On Center Software and RSA Solutions partners with TCM to deliver quality solutions and comprehensive support and training for their solutions.

On Center Software, Inc., is a privately held company providing software and training to construction industry professionals for over 24 years. Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the company’s mission is to transform the estimating, takeoff, and labor-tracking experience with comprehensive software solutions that turn winning bids into profitable projects. On Center Software solutions include OnScreen Takeoff ®, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control™. Customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa, and 60 other countries around the world leverage On Center Software’s internationally recognized solutions.


Customer Profile

Project Profile

Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork
Tindall Orthodontics
Project Location:
Manhattan, Kansas
Corporate Headquarters:
Manhattan, Kansas
Length of Project:
2 Months
Project Value:
United States
On Center Software Solution:
On-Screen Takeoff ®