Woodworking Estimation Solution

Everything you need for quotes in one, simple spreadsheet.

Estimator Spreed Sheet Casework and Millwork


Estimate every job, accurately and quickly! Everything you need for quotes – in one, simple spreadsheet. With ESTIMATOR, you can create complex quotes in seconds. Generate faster, more accurate costs. ESTIMATOR calculates complex pricing strategies using your takeoff data.

  • Calculations include material and labor requirements – quickly order materials after you win the bid.
  • Quote one-offs with an easy-to-use material/labor worksheet.
  • Adjust margins on the fl y and avoid under bidding.


  • Use takeoff data to create complex quotes in seconds.
  • Import data from Takeoff software (On-Screen Takeoff, Planswift, etc.) or enter items directly into spreadsheet
  • Do casework takeoffs in Lineal feet (LF) and automatically convert to individual cabinets (Count).
  • Pre-built data for casework and millwork, ready to go with minimal setup.
  • Apply specifications (materials, hardware, construction style, etc.) by job, area, or line item. Change specifications and update quotes instantly.
  • Save customers and contact information with customer assigned markup levels.
  • Supports up to 4 markup levels. Apply markup levels at customer, job, or product level.
  • Create custom one-offs with easy-to-use material/labor worksheet.
  • Reports tab with room totals and material requirements (sheet goods, solid materials, hardware, custom items, etc.
Estimator Spreed Sheet Sample Quote

Estimator Spreed Sheet Sample Report

Estimator Spreed Sheet Sample Report

ESTIMATOR is a materials, labor and profit calculator that adjusts to your data.

Save the literally thousands of hours that would be required to build your own – use ESTIMATOR instead.

ESTIMATOR easily adjusts to your pricing environment! You can manually load the takeoff data or use the electronic takeoff data provided by ESTIMATOR. Most companieshave their own spreadsheet and continue to build it. They are never able, however, to create a calculator as comprehensive as ESTIMATOR. ESTIMATOR can easily accommodate:

  • Custom Products
  • Comprehensive Library with your pricing set up
  • Bid by EACH
  • Bid by Linear takeoff
  • Generate Bid Documentation