Production Coach Real-time factory intelligence


  1. 30% to 300% increase in capacity.
  2. Stop shipping errors
  3. Manage job site delivery and installation
  4. Tutor assemblers on complex assemblies
  5. Manage damaged parts
  6. Detect bottle necks early
  7. Reduce overtime
  8. Get job costing data
Production Coach -Factory Data Scan Track

Production Coach is the only solution that manages parts, assemblies, broken parts, shipping errors, provides user friendly assembly instructions. You can schedule your projects and track them through each stage of your factory.

RFID – (Radio-frequency identification ) – RFID tag can be attached to an product during production, which can be used to track its progress through the factory. – Is currently deployed for products and sub-assemblies. The next release will include RFID for your parts.


Production Coach utilizes a centralized SQL database connecting both office and factory to real-time data. Web applications such as Jobsite Tracking and Timekeeping are synchronized with the Local Area Network environment.

Production Coach is modular in nature meaning that you can do as little or as much as you want with it. Successful deployment in your factory can be accomplished in days, not weeks or months.

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Production Coach Brochure


Import production orders from industry software solutions including woodCAD|CAM, Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, Cut Rite, Excel and more.

Production Coach Import Your Data

Production Coach Planning with Google Calendar


Automatic finite back scheduling of work orders for production, delivery and installation with unlimited calendar views.


Real-time view of important KPI such as balanced flow, bottlenecks, etc, along with BIG DATA analysis of manufacturing history.

Production Coach Dashboard Workstation

Production Coach Dashboard View

Production Coach Dashboard Manufacturing Details


See the real-time progress of work orders as they move through the factory and jobsite.

See status of orders or view by work center.

Production Coach Workcenter

Production Coach - Tracking


Reports and alerts of missing or damaged parts are created and distributed automatically.

Damage Alert Part Screen
Production Coach Time Keeping Screen

Production Coach Time Keeping  Admin Screen


Web based time keeping for payroll and work order costing.

Production Coach Job Time Keeping Listing

Production Coach Smart Label Screen


Grouping by edge material or part type for next operation, automatically updated parts status, and create damaged part alerts all from a single interface.

Generate on-demand labels, control and pace off-loading and label orientation.


A single barcode scan organizes parts by assembly and provides feedback for missing items. Assembly is notified of products ready to assemble. Sorting can be synchronized with other sorting stations: cabinet parts, doors/drawer fronts, drawer boxes, base assemblies, etc.

Production Coach Sorting Screens

Example Sorting Cart - Production Coach


Scan any part of the completed bin to start the assembly. See part details and part position with the assembly.

Reduce the need for wasteful conversations between engineering and factory floor staff.

Production Coach Assembly Screens

Production Coach Kitting Screen


Create kits with unique barcode of pallets, parts, mouldings, hardware, etc. that need to be included in the shipping ticket.

Example of a label of the kit created.

Production Coach Kitting Label


Stage products, pallets, and kits into a designated location prior to shipment.

Production Coach Stagging for Shipment

Production Coach Shipping


Ensure 100% accurate shipments, 100% of the time. Generate instant and electronic verification of everything scanned onto the truck.

Create bill of lading for accounting.


Web application for scanning products and kits off the truck at delivery and/or at installation. Data is synchronized with Local Area Network environment.

Production Coach Jobsite Tracking Delivery and Installation



Minimum Requirement

PC Minimum Requirements Microsoft ® Windows 7, 8 or 10 with 32 or 64 bit Professional Edition
Intel Pentium 4 or Athlon AMD Dual-Core, 2.6 GHz or higher
4G of RAM
1G space on the disk for installation
1600 x 900 VGA with true colors
Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
Server Minimum Specification Processor: 6 core 1.90GHz
Memory: 4 X 4G UDIMM, 1333 MT/s, Low Volt, Dual Rank, x8 Data Width (16G Total)
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 or higher
Label Printer Thermal Transfer Printer or Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Printer
No Direct Thermal
Print Color: Monochrome
Maximum Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Maximum Mono Print Speed: 152.40 mm/s, 6 in/s
USB: Yes
USB Scanner Host Interface: Multi-interface
Product Type: Handheld Barcode Scanner
Image Sensor: Linear
Connectivity Technology: USB Cable
Light Source: Laser
Scan Pattern: Bi-directional
Scan rate: 100 scan/s
Supported Interfaces: Keyboard Wedge
Included : USB Cable and Stand
Scanner has to handle prefix and suffix "enter" when scanning
Cordless Scanner Host Interface: USB
Product Type: Handheld Barcode Scanner
Image Sensor: Imager
Color: Twilight Black
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Light Source: LED
Bluetooth: Yes
Bar Code Dimension: 1D
Scan Pattern: Linear
Scan rate: 547 scan/s
Included: USB Cable and Desktop Cradle
Scanner has to handle prefix and suffix "enter" when scanning