Production Coach Interface

Production Coach Interface is clean and simple, basic setup includes Workorders on the left, Assemblies top middle and loose items from the assembly.

Production Coach Interface

Work Order Status

See the real-time progress of work orders as they move through the factory and jobsite. See status of orders or view by work center.

Production Coach Workorder status

Complete status of projects

Detailed status per station

Visual of alerts per project

Visual of production

On Demand Documentation

At any station throughout can have access to any documents needed for production, project rendering, elevation drawings etc.

Production Coach On Demand documentation

Damaged Part

Reports and alerts of missing or damaged parts are created and distributed automatically.

Production Coach Damaged Part


Compatible With

  • Mobile Cart
    • Wait until all parts of a project are sorted into 1, 2 or 3 mobile carts before being sent to assembly
    • Square Footage Required
  • Fixed Rack
    • Put in/Pull Out
    • Continuous Mounting
    • Takes up less space.

A single barcode scan organizes parts by assembly and provides feedback for missing items. Assembly is notified of products ready to assemble. Sorting can be synchronized with other sorting stations: cabinet parts, doors/drawer fronts, drawer boxes, base assemblies, etc.

All Blue
~ Ready To Sort

Red ~ Part Assigned Location/Bin

Production Coach - Interface -  Part Assigned Bin

Green ~ Project Sorted Ready For Assembly

~ Damaged Part Alert

Production Coach Before

Production Coach After

Eliminates the need to search for parts

Clear visual of alerts and progress

Simplifies subsequent operations

Better management of space and resources


Scan any part of the completed bin to start the assembly. See part details and part position with the assembly.

Reduce the need for wasteful conversations between engineering and factory floor staff.

Production Coach Assembly

Easily locate all components

Centralization of documentation

Prioritization and precise definition of tasks and steps

Reduces assembly time by 50%

Precise definition of tasks and steps

Standardization of quality

Quickly train new employees

Increases employee performance


Stage products, pallets, and kits into a designated location prior to shipment.

Production Coach Workorder staging